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Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

Three Times Lucky

I find great mysteries hard to come by in children’s literature, so I was thrilled to finish this book and know I had found a mystery worthy of recommendation. Often, mystery authors focus so much on developing the mystery, characterization takes a back seat to plot development, but for me, the characters in this book really brought the story to life.

Mo (Moses) Lobeau, rescued by the Colonel as a baby in a devastating hurricane, has made a new home with him and Miss Lana in Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, but to this day, she continues to search for her “Upstream Mother” who had no choice but to set Mo afloat during the flood in order to save her life. Along with the search for her mother, Mo helps run the local cafe alongside Miss Lana. Everything is fairly normal in this small southern town until Mr. Jesse, one of the cafe’s loyal customers, turns up dead. Mo and her best friend Dale form their own detective agency and work together to solve the case of Mr. Jesse’s murder, and with the help of Detective Starr uncover even more buried secrets.

This is a book that offers a little bit of everything: murder, kidnapping, robbery, car crashes, hurricanes, humor, action and more. Mystery readers will eat up and enjoy this fun and charming southern tale, and though it deals with some intense subject matters, the story emphasizes the importance of family and friends, and ends with a heartwarming lesson about life and luck.


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