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If You Decide To Go To The Moon by Faith McNulty and Steven Kellogg

If You Decide To Go To The MoonI think at some point most children dream of going to the moon, and this delightful children’s book, If You Decide to Go to the Moon, takes you on a wondrous journey from lift off, to landing on the moon, and back again to our magnificent planet. This is a great introduction to space travel for even the youngest readers. Packed full of beautiful prose and spectacular illustrations, Faith McNulty and Steven Kellogg have created a book that explores the challenges and wonders of a journey in space. Just as The Magic School Bus series takes you on fantastic journeys through the marvels of our planet, this book brings to life a voyage in space.  Learn how astronauts are able to drink and sleep in space, how they walk on the surface of the moon, and why they have to wear those funny looking space suits. Discover just how different our planet is from the moon, how massive craters were formed on the moon’s surface, and how a pebble can bounce without a sound. This book will surely captivate the mind of any child who has ever dreamed of going to the moon.


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