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George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking

George's Secret Key to the UniverseIt is so exciting to pick up a book with little expectation, only to be blown away by its originality, humor, and presentation. When I heard that Lucy Hawking and the renowned Stephen Hawking had coauthored a children’s book, I admit I was a little skeptical as to whether this title would connect well with its audience.  Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. George’s Secret Key to the Universe put me in mind of Judy Moody’s humor combined with Franny K. Stein’s passion for science and adventure. Supernovas, black holes, nebulas, and comets are just some of the subjects touched on throughout George’s explorations. Along with its wonderful illustrations and vivid full color photos of our universe, this title lends itself to a wide audience. Kids who generally roam the nonfiction section will appreciate Hawking’s focus on facts and practical application, while fiction lovers will find George’s adventure both fun and exciting. This book also presents a positive message about the importance of taking care of our planet, and how technology should be a tool used to better humanity rather than destroy it.
  Do not be intimidated by the thickness of this book; larger print, illustrations, and photos make this an easier read for younger readers, but older readers will find the science simply fascinating. Though some of the science may be a little above younger readers full comprehension, I believe they will still be captivated with the pure expanse of our solar system and be encouraged to learn more about the universe we live in. I am very excited to get a hold of the next titles in this series:  George’s Cosmic Adventure, and George and the Big Bang.


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